Orthotic Insoles are a widely accepted treatment tool

Widespread importance of Orthotic Insoles

The role played by orthotic insoles in correcting foot ailments is truly significant. Runner and athletes across the world are using customized foot insoles for the purpose of correcting imbalances in their feet. Not only do they provide a good foundational support for your feet thereby keeping all major foot ailments at bay, leading podiatrists are propounding the use of orthotic insoles as a widely accepted treatment tool. And the treatment aided by orthotic insoles is not just restricted to Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendonitis, but also include various other foot health hazards and many foot complaints like Corns, Diabetic Foot Care, Dry Needling, Flat Feet and so on.

Understanding Gait Analysis

The technical study of body movements and body mechanics, in lieu with the specific workings of bones and muscles, is what Gait Analysis is all about. Gait patterns are studied on the basis of the age, height, weight, health condition and overall speed of the subject. With the application of gait analysis, and related technical studies to orthotic insoles, it is now possible for orthotic experts to customize orthotic insoles to meet the exact requirements of the patient. So all you need to do is specify the following aspects about yourself and your requirements, and a tailor-made, clinically validated orthotic insole will be specially made for you.


2.Overall Medical History and present condition

3.Foot Ailment Correction Required from the Orthotic Insole

4.Foot Measurement

5.Your height and weight

6.Predominant Physical Activities (Walking/Running/Any particular Sport etc)

Based on the above basic criterion, as well as a physical examination of your foot if required, an orthotic insole can be really effective in treating any kind of foot ailment.

Orthotic Insoles personalized to suit your requirements to the hilt!

To find the best possible solution for any kind of foot ailment that you’ve been suffering from, or developed recently, it is highly recommended that you get in touch with a well-qualified, reliable orthotist or prosthetist who can not only prescribe you with the best insole, but also provide you with the right design, fit and monitor your improvement. It is always better to use an orthotic insole hand-crafted by orthotists, rather than opting for a general one available in your nearby pharmacy, because orthotic experts have strong technical skills to ensure that you are using the exact kind of insole required for you, and monitor your way to a speedy recovery. In fact, using just any orthotic insole off the rack might end up aggravating your foot issue rather than solving it. The Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association has a detailed website, as well as details of affiliated members, recent events, publications and a lot of trivia on foot care and orthotics that you can check out!

Footlogics: The Abode of Clinically-Validated Orthotic Devices

Footlogics happens to be the most trustworthy and popular orthotic insoles company in Australia, with a massive clients base not only in Australia, but all over the world. With its wide range of orthotic devices to treat all possible conditions pertaining to poor foot function, such as knee pain, heel pain, lower back pain, shin splints and so on, Footlogics is definitely the best foot treatment destination for you. Its massive range of orthotic insoles and other devices are priced reasonably, to meet your requirements to the hilt and well within your budgetary range. The various product categories include orthotic devices and insoles for Plantar Fasciitis, Sports, Sensi, Football, Comfort, Casual, Catwalk, Kids etc, and there is also a separate menu for specific ailments like Achilles Tendonitis, Metatarsalgia, Knee Pain and Lower Back Pain, on the basis of which you can place your order online. Don’t be wary about shopping for orthotic devices online, because Footlogics provides you with an exclusive 90-day comfort guarantee, which means that if you do not find the insole to be comfortable, you can return the same within a time-frame of 90 days after having received it.

Foot Active comes to your rescue

FootActive is truly the best online destination for purchasing reliable and clinically tested orthotic insoles that are well-suited to your requirements. Make sure you refer to the detailed sizing guide before you place any orders. Always remember that even if you feel pain or discomfort in one foot only, you will have to place orthotic insoles in both your feet for the purpose of attaining balance and correct posture. If you insist on wearing the insole only in one foot, it will lead to an imbalanced body posture, and might actually end up creating greater issue in the long run.








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